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is the only shopping mall in the world
that handles only products proved as genuine!

Enjoy our shopping mall!

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WHAT'S "cryptomall" ?

Giving liquidity to all cryptocurrencies at shopping malls handling only "real"

Enjoy our shopping mall!

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Features of "cryptomall"

Overwhelming product line well over 1,000,000 items with aggregate value above $ 100 billion. "1 %" of transaction amount will be donated to social work organizations.

Adopts blockchain technology

Utilizing the blockchain technology, "cryptomall" will sell only "genuine" products completely eliminating "counterfeit and imitated" products.

① Completely eliminates "counterfeit and imitated" products by constructing a contract platform with microchips
② Completely eliminates "country origin forgery" by adopting a database sharing platform.
③ Realizes "safe and secure e-commerce" by building an escrow platform.

In other words, we will deliver only "genuine" items safely and securely! !

Rich product coverage

① Aggregate merchandise value of more than $ 100 billion
② Product line well over 1,000,000 items
③ More than 5,896 product categories
④ More than 254 brand items

In other words, cryptocurrency shopping mall with world’s largest product coverage! !

Global EC

We plan to expand our business to multiple countries. Target areas are Asia, EU, USA, etc ... ....

In other words, it is a world-wide based shopping mall!

No upper limit on purchase price

We are introducing our own settlement system developed by highly technical members. Therefore, there is no upper limit on the purchase price of goods.

In other words, we will bring the era where you can shop in your favorite cryptocurrency!

Huge market size

As of 2018, the size of the global e-commerce market is $ 22 trillion!! It is estimated the market size will exceed $ 27 trillion by 2020.

In other words, the growing market is our target market!!

Blockchain market

The size of blockchain market was $ 945 million in 2017. It is estimated to grow up to $ 9.7 billion in 2021!

In other words, the cryptocurrency market will show a dramatical growth from now on!

Utilizes original off-chain technology

"cryptomall" will develop its off-chain technology which will realize virtually zero settlement fee transactions.

In other words, we will eliminate unnecessary costs and will bring you more favorable shopping experiences!!

Social-contribution-type crypto-currency shopping mall

We will donate 1% of "cryptomall" sales amount to social contribution activities around the world. In addition, by constructing the donation platform with the blockchain technology, we make the "donation chain" transparent.

In other words, you can monitor when and where you donated to who! !

Payment can be made in various cryptocurrencies

① Phase 1: "Bitcoin" only
② Phase 2: "cryptomall token" or "cryptomall coin"
③ Phase 3: Acceptance of other cryptocurrencies issued by other companies
④ Phase 4: Opening of "cryptomall Exchange"!

In other words, we will bring the era where you can shop in your favorite cryptocurrency!

Introduction of escrow settlement

We will build an escrow platform with blockchain.

In other words, "secure and safe e-commerce" to come!

WHAT'S "cryptomall IEO" ?

We believe everyone should be part of the IEO revolution.

Enjoy our shopping mall!

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What is REAL "IEO" ?

Unlike many IEOs to date which are rather aimed at listing gains, the REAL "IEO" is an IEO with the new concept that owners can receive semi-permanent income streams similar to stock dividends.

We operate a shopping mall

"cryptomall" is already in operation.

In other words, our IEO is based on existing "products", not on just future "visions".

Safe IEO tokenSafe IEO token

① Fixed-rate "cryptomall"token similar to points.
② Fluctuating-rate "cryptomall" token similar to the conventional "encrypted communication". You can choose from these two.

In other words, it is safe because there is collateral of "cryptomall"goods (over $ 100 billion)!!

Three times to list

① Listing on "cryptomall token"
② Listing on "cryptomall exchange token"
③ Listing on "Tallinn Stock Exchange" (IPO)
We plan to list the above three times.

In other words, "IEO cracking countermeasures" is carried out many times! !

Shareholder benefit plan

There is a "shareholder benefit plan" as semi-permanent income income.
There are many advantages to keep "coins" and there is the effect of "IEO cracking" suppression.

In other words, it is advantageous for "coin" holders! !


Aiming a world with no "fakes" or "imitations" by combining the blockchain technology and microchips

  1. STEP.01

    Development of "fiber-type" super-microchips

    We will develop "fiber-type" super microchips that can be incorporated into any product. They are microchips that are so small that they can be woven into threads for sewing.

  2. STEP.02

    Introduction of "fiber-type" super-microchip

    We will incorporate "fiber-type" super-microchips into those brand products where authenticity is most important. The chips are so small that they do not disturb the design of the products.

  3. STEP.03

    Development of contract platform on our own blockchain

    We will develop a contract platform using our own blockchain. The contract platform records product information, manufacturing process and delivery processes of "fiber-type" super-microchip mounted products. Due to the nature of the blockchain, these records kept in the super-microchips cannot be tampered with by anybody, while they can be viewed and audited by anyone.

    Nonetheless, no personal information will be disclosed.

  4. STEP.04

    Checking genuineness by using smartphones or computers

    The purchaser of the product can check the authenticity of the product by holding a smartphone or computer over the product and reading the "fiber-type" super-microchip.

    This is because the purchaser can browse the information on the contract platform and know the date of manufacture, the country of manufacture, and through what route the product has arrived to his or her hand.

    In other words, the buyer can get a safe and secure product with no fake information.


A product roadmap is a shared source of truth that outlines the vision, direction, and progress of a product over time.

Start up a project

  1. Research and concept development
  2. Form a team
  3. Create technical infrastructure
Start up

October - September, 2018

  1. Start development of token
  2. Development of "cryptomall"
  3. Coverage by Gekkan Kaso Tsuka (Monthly Cryptocurrencies), November 2018 issue
October - September, 2018

August - December, 2018

  1. Release "cryptomall" α version
  2. Release "cryptomall" dashboard
  3. Start private-sale
August - December, 2018

1Q, 2019

  1. Release "cryptomall" β version
  2. Selection of listing destination for "cryptomall token (XMALL)"
  3. Start accepting of other company coin payment for "cryptomall"
1Q, 2019

2Q, 2019

  1. Start payment settlements in "Bitcoin Cash (BCH)"
  2. Start payment settlements in "Ethereum (ETH)"
  3. Start payment settlements in other major token payment
  4. Start accepting stores for "cryptomall" (focus on major companies)
  5. Start the first IEO (cryptocurrency exchange ranked 10th or lower)
2Q, 2019

3Q, 2019

  1. Start payment settlements in "altcoin"
  2. Start the second IEO (cryptocurrency exchange, which ranked in the top 10)
3Q, 2019

4Q, 2019

  1. "cryptomall token (XMALL)" got listed
  2. Start payment settlements in "cryptomall token (XMALL)"
4Q, 2019

1Q, 2020

  1. Development of original wallet
  2. Start development of cryptocurrency exchange for "cryptomall"
1Q, 2020

2Q, 2020

Development of original chain

2Q, 2020

3Q, 2020

Open cryptocurrency exchange for "cryptomall"

3Q, 2020


Tokensale Stages


Watch the Video to Learn More about the cryptomall IEO


"About EC sites in China" Speakers:Bangjie Huang


Meet our professional consultants

James Buchanan


Graduated from the East Asian department of Sheffield University.

telecommunications company wholly owned by Fidelity - Lehman Brothers service company - Walton Japan - Walton Hong Kong

Enrico Rubboli


Graduated from the University of Perugia.

Bitfinex Limited - Burnside Digital - Digital Science - ELC Technology - Trade2win Limited - Easy Market S.p.A. TUI TRAVEL GROUP - Tomware - Techè Institute - Sphera software

Bangjie Huang


Graduated from the Energy department of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Wonders Group Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) - Chubun Sangyo Co.,Ltd. - YSC EXPRESS CORP. - Global Pharmaceutical Company

Megumu Tsuji


After graduating from Osaka Prefectural Otemae High School, he entered the University of Tokyo.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1973.

Registered lawyer in 1981. He belongs to the Tokyo Bar Association and served as a member of the Japan Bar Association Judicial System Research Committee. Registered as patent attorney in 1991.

Wen Su


Graduated from Suzhou University.

25 years of web system development experience. 3 years of block chain development experience.

Luca Cotta

Strategic Advisor

ETHLend - ICObench - www.btc4buy.com - Asd ScenArt

Tim Chen

Marketing Strategist

Graduated from Sydney Institute of Technology Australia.

BitQue Ltd, UK - infinity

Baruto Kaito

Strategic Advisor

A politician and former professional Sumo wrestler from Estonia.

After retired from Sumo, in 2018 he wanted to be a politician and returned to his home country Estonia.


Only handling genuine items.

Enjoy our shopping mall!

Registering to a "Telegram" ,
You will receive an "Airdrop"!

MISSIION 1 (for B to C)

A world without lies / no fraud!



for B to C

By building a contract platform between blockchains and all forms of microchips, we will eradicate "fake tricks" and "plagiarism" products!



for B to C

By building a database sharing platform with blockchains, we will eradicate "fraudulent food origin Items"!



for B to C

By constructing a donation platform with blockchains, we will make the "donation route" transparent!



for B to C

By constructing an escrow platform with blockchains, we realize "safe and secure e-commerce"!

MISSIION 2 (for B to B)

Give liquidity to all cryptocurrencies!



for B to B

Give liquidity to all cryptocurrencies!



for B to B

We will support market-making!



for B to B

Contribute to expanding the market size of the cryptocurrency industry!



for B to B

Contribute to all corporate culture on earth!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "cryptomall"?

"Cryptomall" is a social contribution type shopping mall dedicated to virtual currency, excluding products of "fake" and "plagiarism" and selling only "real".

How do you distinguish "genuine"?
What country is the company registered in?
Where is the head office?
Please tell me the relevant regulations.
How will "cryptomall token" be sent?
What is lock-up (freezing)
What is "Lock up release (freeze release)"
I want to read your White Paper. Please tell me how to download it.
I am considering purchasing "cryptomall token". Please let me know how to register on Dashboard (Purchasing Page)
Are registration on Dashboard (Purchasing Page) free?


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